The congress aims to create an environment where new techniques in geological quarry and factory production, past and current applications in architectural designs will be presented in papers, seminars, panels about the exploration and operation of the Turkish ’’natural stone which is the leader of world trade, the favorite of architects with its rich colors and patterns, and it also aims to bring together investors and natural stone traders and organizations under the roof of MARBLE Fair.

For this purpose, thousands of years of techniques, architectural applications and today's production environments will be introduced to the participants with visual 3D, VR virtual realism presentations during the congress process and the trips will be made during and after the congress.

6th International Stone Congress, focuses on actors from different disciplines and fields associated with stone and their way of relating under the title of Stone Adds Value - Ones Adding Value to the Stone. Congress aspires to emphasize the value of the stone, shaped in its 70,000 years of both spatial and temporal journey with Homo Sapiens. 

Congress is preparing surprises for its participants with techniques that will be used for the first time in this congress by using the technology of today.

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MARBLE - Uluslararası Doğaltaş ve Teknolojileri Fuarı