Young Creative Ideas Platform and Design Corridor will be held for the second time within the scope of the 25th Marble İzmir Fair. İZFAŞ is preparing to carry out the second of the Young Creative Ideas Platform at the same time with the 25th Marble İzmir Fair on 27-30 March 2019 in Fuarizmir. Thanks to the fact that the Young Creative Ideas Platform, which took place within the scope of Marble İzmir Fair 2018, is coming this year, we are aiming to reach more young designers this year and to work together with companies that believe in the influence of design and create a more effective design corridor. The Young Creative Ideas Platform which brought together Turkey's leading academics, industry leaders and experts from civil society organizations as Platform Jury for choosing the best natural stone designs last year. The awards ceremony held during the fair brought together the young designers and the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality family, important representatives of the sector, with expert speakers and valuable jury members. The event, which is open to supporters and exhibitors, will also be a part of the excitement of the young designers this year.

This project, which we started with the hope of responding to the need for "design" in the sector, aims to bring young, successful, industrial design, landscape and architecture faculty students between the ages of 18 and 30 together with the leading companies in the sector in design. The platform asks to the young designers who will be participating to design original and producible products with Turkish natural stones with the theme of "Different". The platform that brings together young designers, companies participating in the Marble İzmir Fair and platform supporters, will give a special design plaque with a "Marble Different Design Award" to all projects produced. All the awards are directed to both the supporting companies and the designers. The best 3 projects will be selected from among them and these designs will be entitled "Marble Most Different Design Award". The special design plaque with "Marble Collaboration Design Award" will be awarded to a maximum of 2 projects, taking into account the good cooperation of the firm and the designer, especially with respect to the production process and process-oriented achievements. As a result of the platform, young and creative ideas, natural stone and marble oriented projects and designs will be exhibited in the exhibition during the Marble İzmir Fair by collaborating with the sector and a creative and pleasant synergy will be created for the sector. Han Tümertekin added value to the award ceremony of this special meeting which will bring design and marble together with speech and platform presentation. This year, it is aimed to continue this tradition by inviting world famous designer architect as a speaker to Platform Award Ceremony.



The International Stone Congress, to be held this year, will take place in the 25th anniversary of the Marble Izmir Fair with the contributions of world famous architects and geological engineers. The theme of the congress, which will be held in cooperation of İZFAŞ, TMMOB Chamber of Geological Engineers Izmir Branch, Dokuz Eylül University Rectorship and Aegean Mine Exporters Association and hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is Stone's Mind Congress Special Events Mosaic Work and Exhibition-Gulistan Genç and her team Lubosz Karwat-Ahmet Erdem-Mahmut Demirhan Photo Exhibition and Competition, Subject: "Stone's Mind" Congress Opening Session: 27.03.2019



With the participation of the leading representatives of the natural stone sector of Turkey, USA, China, India, Russia and Iran takes place. For the event that will continue for 3 days, it invites Forum invitations to the countries ' natural stone sectors. National Stone Institute: (NSA) American Natural Stone Institute Wonasa: World Natural Stone Association FİCCİ & FİGSİ: Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Iran Stone Expo: Iran Natural Stone Exhibition ABIROCHAS: AssociacaoBrasiler Brazil Association Stone Industry of Russia: Russian Natural Stone Institute Association ChinaShuitou International Stone Fair: Shuitou International Natural Stone Fair EİB - Aegean Exporter Associations / AegeanExportersAssociation İMİB - Istanbul Mineral Exporters Association Istanbul Mineral Exporters' Association TÜMMER - Turkey Marble Natural Stone and Machinery Manufacturers Association Turkish Marble, Natural Stone and Machinery Manufacturers Association



Participate in first-hand live performances to see how Marble İzmir Fair participant sponsors machinery companies, how their latest technology works, how they look, and how they look at the texture and appearance of natural stone products. Take a drink and grab everything that's in Designer Habitat's workshop! Designer Habitat Workshop was brought to you by the sponsor fair participant companies and İZFAŞ organization. All shows are free and open to all Marble Izmir Fair participants. Invited Workshop Coordinators, İZFAŞ and sponsor company organizations are in the planning stage. Participants of the Young Creative Ideas Platform




26 th MARBLE - International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair

01 - 04 APRIL 2020